Tax Law

Tax Consulting for Companies in Chile

We base our consulting services on the premise that optimizing the tax burden represents a significant contribution to meeting business goals. For this reason, we offer the design of tax solutions that optimize your company’s tax burden, guiding you from the planning through the implementation of your commercial projects in Chile. We follow the same criteria for the incorporation and reorganization of businesses and the restructuring of family assets.

We present monthly tax declarations, annual tax statements and sworn statements for your company.

Taxes for private individuals with income from foreign and Chilean sources

MENTLER & CIA is ideal for residents obliged to pay taxes on their revenues and income from foreign or Chilean sources, as is the case with investment income in the financial market, corporate holdings, salaries or pensions.

Our services cover the preparation of income tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service, including the presentation of all the certificates necessary to obtain all applicable tax benefits.

Staff Mobility

  • International conventions and local foreign regulations.
  • Environment and Planning of international assignments and their taxation.
  • International compensation, bonuses and benefits.
  • Taxation and Double Taxation Consulting services.

Double Taxation

Our experience and know-how are at your service, especially to help our clients avoid or mitigate double taxation.  For this reason, the consulting services include Chilean as well as German tax law, based on the respective laws and regulations in force in both countries and their effects on individuals and businesses.

Representation before the Administration and Tax and Customs Courts

We represent our clients in the presentation of motions and complaints to the Tax Authorities – the Internal Tax Service, the Treasury Department and the National Customs Service – in addition to representing them in Chilean Tax Court proceedings.