The law firm MENTLER & CIA was founded in Santiago, Chile, in 1998 by the attorney Christian A. Mentler and since then has developed a close relationship of cooperation with the Axel Heinz law offices in Berlin.

Today it has the networks needed to offer professional services in Latin America and Europe. The professional area was completed and expanded with accounting, tax consultancy and auditing, services in 2013.

MENTLER & CIA provides legal services to companies, institutions and individuals who require legal and extrajudicial advice on matters pertaining to Chilean and German law, always taking into consideration the laws of both countries.

On commercial matters, it has extensive experience in establishing and serving companies or commercial projects, in addition to lending sustainable continuity to the development of the business from its inception.

We stand out for serving our clients from Austria, Switzerland and Germany in their mother tongue, for being familiar with their customs and cultures and for being specializing in the Chilean and German legal systems. This allows us to deliver customized and timely solutions.