Optimal Tax Planning for Companies in Chile

The advisor activity of MENTLER & CIA starts with the premise that the optimization of tax burden represents a significant contribution to the realization of the company’s goals. Therefore our services are always focused on the best possible fiscal configuration, be it in the planning and realization of investment projects in Chile, the founding of companies and choice of legal structure, the restructuring of family assets or in matters of company succession.


Chilean Residents with Income of German Origin

MENTLER & SCHMIDT is the ideal referee for residents in Chile with tax obligations in Germany regarding income of German origin as it is the case of capital gains, remunerations or pension payments. We assist you in the drawing up of tax returns to be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service in Germany, including the submission of all necessary certification in order to obtain all applicable tax benefits.


Tax Consultancy and Prevention of Double Taxation

Where transborder matters are concerned, this law office puts at your disposal the broad experience and know-how in international tax law, especially to advise you how double taxation can be avoided. As to our tax consultancy, we gladly advise you in German as well as Chilean tax law under consideration of all current development and their consequences for you as individual or for your company.


Proceedings with Fiscal Authorities and Courts

The law office represents clients in application and appeal proceedings with fiscal authorities, namely the internal revenue service, the services of treasuries or the customs services, and assumes the representation in legal actions before fiscal courts, both in Germany and Chile.

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