Legal Consulting in Chile and Germany

The law office MENTLER & CIA was founded by Christian A. Mentler in Santiago de Chile in 1998 and has been co-operating with the law office of Axel Heinz in Berlin, Germany from its onset. As a bi-national and interdisciplinary oriented law office, an ample network has been established in order to provide services both in Chile and Germany.

Legal Expertise and Cultural Understanding

MENTLER & CIA assists companies, organizations and individuals who are seeking assessment as well as judicial and extrajudicial solutions concerning German and Chilean law, in due consideration of both legal systems.
Communicating with our clients in their native language, having a thorough understanding of the German and Chilean culture and being specialized in the legal and tax systems of both countries enable the law office to provide clients with opportune and customized solutions.

Professional and Personal Consultancy

With more than a decade of law practice in Chile, the office has access to an experienced and highly qualified team of lawyers and experts of complementing practice areas to ensure our clients extensive legal advice and a high quality of service. The cooperation is directed by its founder Christian A. Mentler, German lawyer, who assist personally all clients, the personal contact with our clients being of utmost importance to the law office.

MENTLER & CIA | Av. Nueva Providencia 2155, Torre A, Of. 1101, Providencia, Santiago de Chile | Phone: (56 2) 2688 8703 | Email: info@ms-ra.cl